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“Hi Steve, Also, my manager thinks that the results are very good and she encouraged me to continue with your pronunciation and accent course. Thanks” European Scientist – In reference to accent and pronunciation training program with Impact

“Hi Steve: I have wanted to send this email for weeks but for one reason or another, I had not been able to do it. I got a job in one of the best law firms in MA, the hiring process took one week and in a matter of days, I was working in Boston. I am their new SharePoint Administrator. I want to deeply thank you for all your help and tips to look for a job. Following your instructions made a huge impact in the process of finding a job. I wish I could hire you again but with all the adjustments, I am dealing with a lot right now. I’ll definitely let you know as soon as I can spend time on more sessions. Thanks again!” Mirian Mendoza IT Software Professional Boston Area

“Hi Steve, Before I forget to mention this again I want to thank you for your accent pronunciation sessions.  Now I notice that people do not interrupt me so much to ask me what I said. And since our last session, I have had the feeling that I have already improved a lot.” Mirian Mendoza IT Software Professional LMS Learning Management Systems Boston Area

“Nowadays, I don’t have to explain things twice in the office. People understand me better.” Chirag Maske Accountant at MindLeaf Technologies, in reference to accent reduction training with Steve

“I wanted to sound more American and eliminate as many qualities of my foreign accent as possible. Steve is very practical, and he’s helped me achieve my goal. He has helped me in my effort to reduce my accent and improve my pronunciation a great deal. Additionally, Steve has taught me practice techniques so that I can work towards perfecting my skills on my own. I’ve learned that there are many subtleties to good English pronunciation and reducing a foreign accent, as well as permutations of these subtleties. Steve is a skilled and knowledgeable professional. I recommend Steve to those who want to improve their proficiency and communication skills in the English language.” Harry Wu, Ph.D. IT Executive and Consultant

“It was a pleasure working with you, and it helped me a lot.” Blanche Y Consul Diplomat European

“Hi Steve, Thank you for the tips. Your suggestions are very useful. I am planning on writing a follow up email this week and will definitely use some of the sentences you suggested. After our summer training I felt much more confident in my writing. My writing has improved.” Sent from my iPhone Natalia P Finance Business Professional Boston

“I really like the course. It’s very useful.” “Thanks for the link. I just had a look at it. This is helpful.” Marion R.

“Hi Steve, I am just back from a business trip to DC. I had a presentation at the WB on Tuesday, and it went well. I felt more comfortable presenting in English compared to a few month ago. Thanks again for this course. It definitely provided me with a higher degree of confidence to speak to audiences! All the best, Marion R.

“When I got done with the call, I thought Oh wow I didn’t have to repeat myself.” Chirag Maske Accountant at MindLeaf Technologies

(Steve) “The presentation at the trade show went extremely well and I got great feedback from my colleagues and customers.” Akira Mochimaru Ph.D., General Manager Professional Systems Division, Bose Speaker Company, in reference to accent pronunciation training

(Steve,) “The presentation on this Tuesday morning was perfect! Thanks a lot!! :)” Patrick Pan, Client Manager for the Communication Sector IBM Taipei, Taiwan

“Good morning Steve, Here’s the latest score. I improve by 0.12!! I really appreciate your help.” Anonymous consultant with consulting company from Tokyo, Japan – Comment in reference to combined accent, pronunciation, and communication skills training and coaching

“Steve has helped me improve my accent and pronunciation. Steven presents himself as a dedicated, motivated, and knowledgeable professional, and I have seen that he truly works in the interest of his clients. His expertise has proven to be very useful to me.” Paresh K. Shah President of MindLeaf Technologies, Inc ISO 9001:2000 Certified

… my confidence and competency with the English language have increased.… Learning English requires more than just class time and exercises in method books. To learn English, you need a professional that is thoughtful and considerate of you as an individual and who plans a course of study that that includes your weak points and strong points.… Steve has adapted to meet my needs as an English language learner.” Rafael Maria Caballero Sanchez, Administrative Law Professor at Complutense University, Madrid, Spain – Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.

“Steve adapted his language training course to my needs, and I was very pleased with his method. His course material is excellent … Steve is a very skillful and professional … Steve is an honest, sincere, and generous person.  I consider him not only to be teacher but also a friend. I highly recommend Steven as an English language teacher.” —José Maria Bondia Gracia Radiologist at Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

“… Steve … is a knowledgeable, resourceful, and experienced professional. Steve presents himself as one who has a solid understanding of the field in which he works.… Steve speaks as an experienced English language professional who possesses skill and know-how. He is a dedicated, hardworking, and sincere professional.” Babak Bagheral – Program Administrator Workforce Development at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“Mr. Bloomberg is a dedicated, talented and professional instructor. He is excellent at developing course materials and is, quite simply, one of the best pronunciation and accent trainers whom I have ever worked with. He has shown himself to be highly competent. Therefore, I can say that I am confident in his ability.” James Doyle, Owner at My Language Solutions, Somerville, MA, ESL Program Director, ESL Teacher Cambridge Boston area

“Dear M, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday evening. As we discussed, I am referring you to Steve Bloomberg, Cced here, who is a superb accent reduction specialist” James Doyle, Owner at My Language Solutions, Somerville, MA, ESL Program Director, ESL Teacher Cambridge Boston area

“I am doing well with all the corrections and exercises that you have sent. I think they are very helpful. I will forward more e-mails for you to review.” Ernesto Trevino, Field Service Manager at Toshiba Business Solutions New England

“Thank you for your consideration and willingness to work with us on a program that fits our needs.” Jeff Michael, Previously Vice President of Service Toshiba Business Solutions New England – Quotation used with permission from Jeff Michael

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