Impact English Communication Skills Coaching

Impact English is highly specialized language training and communication coaching for individuals and groups.

Steven David Bloomberg is an English language consultant. He works with highly skilled and talented international professionals from a variety of backgrounds and countries. Steve demonstrates a high level of personalized approach in his work. Steven stands as a person of integrity and high professional standards.

Communication competency means communication confidence. Impact professional English programs increase communication competence and confidence for internationals employed in the Boston area. Improved communication has a strong and positive impact on success and productivity for companies that employ international professionals. I’m Steven David Bloomberg. English language consultant. I solve communication problems and improve English communication skills. When communication gets blocked, I get communication unblocked.

Results and Outcomes of Language Training and Communication Coaching
  • Competent confident communication for increased productivity
  • Efficient, effective, productive communication that gets to the point
  • Assertive and confident language that says what you mean and means what you say
Efficient Effective Productive Communication
  • Get to the root of communication blocks and solve communication problems.
  • Work with the finer points, subtleties and nuances of communication.
  • Coach and train clients to use language that is culturally appropriate.
  • Know, understand, and work with language and communication from all sides.
Impact Commitment

Impact is committed to empowering professionals with highly specialized, dynamic, and results driven communication coaching and English language training.

International professionals become more efficient, effective, and productive communicators with Impact English Language Training and Consulting.

Effective Efficient Productive Communication with Impact English – Communication Skills Coaching and Consulting

Adapt to client objectives and goals. Improve continuously, and exceed expectations.

“When I got done with the call, I thought Oh wow I didn’t  have to repeat myself.” Chirag Maske Accountant at MindLeaf Technologies
“I already feel more confident writing emails, especially when you have only a few corrections to make. Thank you.” Natasha T. Business Professional Boston, MA


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