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Writing skills for professionals in Boston.

Writing training for Boston area professionals

    • Eliminate errors that detract from a business professional image.
    • Make written communication more effective and productive.
    • Professional business writing is concise and easy to understand.

KA, I would like to introduce you to Steven David Bloomberg, English Language Consultant and Communication Coach. I work with Steve on my written English, and I really like the results. I’m confident he will find the right approach and will help you with your English. Lana Tsurikova Program Management Director Boston area

Evaluate business professional writing skills.

> Ideas and thoughts combine and connect well.
> Paragraphs provide logical sequence and distinguish topics.
> Word combinations and phrases are usual for English.
> Errors do not distract from meaning: English grammar skills.

What kind of writing do you do?

> Email for business professional communication > Announcements > Reports > Blogs articles > Invitations
> Product information > Marketing > Newsletters > Technical > > Proposals > Recommendations > Thank-you

What should writing do? What should writing be?

> Writing should provide relevant or necessary information that is not explicitly requested.
> Writing should provide sufficient information, necessary explanations, and opinions.
> Writing should be sufficiently businesslike and-or professional in tone.

And writers, also, have to do the following to make their writing better.

> Combine thoughts and ideas logically. Know when to start new sentences and new paragraphs.
> Use sentences that are not too short and that are not too long. Eliminate redundant words and phrases.

What else do writers have to do? They have to work to get better at writing, and they have to understand that writing classes do not solve their problem.

I’d like to clue you in on something. I know it’s disappointing, and most people probably don’t want to hear it. But the truth is that writing classes don’t work. Here’s why.

1. Everyone’s writing ability is different.
2. Everyone has a different purpose in writing.
3. Everyone makes different mistakes in writing.
4. Everyone’s understanding of the English language is different.
5. Writing often needs revisions, not corrections, and because of this, everyone needs to improve their writing skills in different ways.


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