Accent Reduction Pronunciation

Develop and improve pronunciation and accent so that everyone easily understands what you say. Accent ReductionOther terms for accent reduction are accent modification and accent neutralization. This also pronunciation improvement.

Sentence Intonation Time Stress

1) Sentence Intonation PDF Intonation and time stress are very important. This is the place to start to ensure that speech is easier to understand.

Schwa Introduction

1) Schwa Accent Reduction PDF – Schwa Accent Reduction Article Here’s an article to help you understand schwa, neutral vowel sound, better.
2) Schwa First Syllable PDF – In this list of words, the first vowel sound is schwa, neutral vowel sound. Practice reading the list slowly.
3) Schwa First Syllable PDF – This is list is the same as the list above, but it’s a shorter list.

4) Function Word Weak Form Practice Method PDF– Function word weak forms support sentence intonation. Practice slowly to develop the technique.

Prefixes Suffixes

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1) Con Com Prefixes PDF  The vowel is neutralized, or it’s schwa, in these words that begin with the prefixes “con” and “com”. Practice the list slowly.

More Pronunciation and Accent PDFs

1) Two-syllable Words and Syllable Stress Summary PDF  – Intonation practice start with two-syllable words. Practice increasing intonation pitch range.

2) Vowel Sound Elimination Syncope PDF – There a number of words in which the vowel is eliminated. A technical term for this is “syncope”.

Vowel Sounds 

OO Took Fool – Practice the vowel sounds in took and fool