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Is your writing everything it should be? Do not downplay the importance of writing skills. Your writing is high-profile. A lot of people in the company read your writing. And, of course, this means email writing. Written communication is a key factor to succeeding in professional life and business. People improve writing skills because communication has to be clear and effective. Good writing skills promote a better professional image. Professional writing skills mean professional communication, and that means professional image.

Grammar is tied to writing. Vocabulary use is tied to writing.

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  1. Writing Checklist – Take a minute to check writing before clicking send. Improve writing skills. Proofreading is a way to start improving writing skills. Sometimes it’s just a matter of checking your writing. People can spot their own errors if they take a minute to look for them.
  2. FOLLOWING UP – EMAIL Here are some phrases to help you write better follow-up emails
  3. Did you do – finish – checking progress – email – How should you ask whether or not someone did something or finished something? What should you say to check on someone’s progress? Here’s a list of ways to start. Decide how to ask. Choose the right one for the situation or circumstance.
  4. More Info More Questions – Tell people you’re available to provide more information and to answer questions.

“Grammar is not merely the correct combining of words according to a given set of rules. Meaning is contained within grammar forms, which is why one grammar form is more suitable to the expression of a thought or idea than another one is. If you want your writing skills to be the very best they can be, this is something you’ll have to work with.” Steven David Bloomberg Business English Writing Boston