Accent Reduction Boston

Pronunciation Training Accent Modification and Accent reduction for Boston Professionals

Impact provides specialized accent training and pronunciation training. Programs are for individual one-to-one or groups: corporate company onsite training and coaching Boston.

“Hi Steve, Also, my manager thinks that the results are very good and she encouraged me to continue with your pronunciation and accent course. Thanks” European Scientist – In reference to his accent reduction and pronunciation training program with Impact

Results and Outcomes for Accent Reduction Boston programs with Impact.

    • More confident communication
    • More competent communication
    • More effective communication
    • More efficient communication
    • More productive communication
    • Clear communication

American Accent Development for Boston Professionals

1) Awareness: “To me, it’s not professional if people have to ask me to repeat something.”
2) Problem: “People don’t always understand me. Sometimes people ask me to say it again.”
3) Challenge: “I want people to understand me the first time, not the second or third time.”

Get American English pronunciation and accent skills.
1) Challenge: Improve pronunciation and modify accent so that speech is easier to understand.
2) Action: Practice essential techniques for clear speech and effective communication.
3) Outcome:  Communication is crisp, clear, and confident. Take action: Contact.

Accent Reduction Boston Programs with Impact

I have seen a huge improvement in my accent as I can gauge from others’ responses and the self-confidence I feel. It was a great experience working with you! Aditya Pathak, MIT Physics, Cambridge, MA

Hi Steve, I am just back from a business trip to DC. I had a presentation at the WB on Tuesday, and it went well. I felt more comfortable presenting in English compared to a few month ago. Thanks again for this course. It definitely provided me with a higher degree of confidence to speak to audiences! All the best, Marion R. – An Impact Accent Reduction Boston Program can do the same for you as it did for Marion.

“Thanks so much for working with me. This is very helpful. I really enjoyed our first accent reduction session and I am very much looking forward to the next one.” Paula Barragal Boston area professional from South America Business – In reference to Impact Accent Reduction Boston Program

This is what people want to achieve with accent and pronunciation training. Get it done now.

This is what people want to achieve with accent and pronunciation training. Get it done now.
“My objective is to sound more professional when I do presentations.”
“When I have meetings and speak on the phone,  I want to be sure people easily understand me.”
“I want to eliminate doubt. My colleagues say that they understand me, but sometimes I have doubts.”
“I want to sound more American, and I want to be sure that my colleagues understand me.
I want people to understand me. Sometimes people want me to say it again, but they don’t tell me.”

Get your phone calls done, and feel good about it.When I got done with the call, I thought Oh wow I didn’t have to repeat myself. Chirag Maske Accountant at MindLeaf Technologies

“… I’ve learned that there are many subtleties to good English pronunciation and reducing a foreign accent, as well as permutations of these subtleties. Steve is a skilled and knowledgeable professional. I recommend Steve to those who want to improve their proficiency and communication skills in the English language.” Harry Wu, Ph.D. IT Executive and Consultant –  General American Pronunciation Accent Training 

It is important to note that accent reduction is, also, accent modification and accent neutralization.

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