Accent Reduction Boston

Accent and pronunciation programs are for non-native speakers of English who want to speak more clearly and improve their speech for professional business purposes.

With Impact accent and pronunciation programs, you can …

  • Hold listeners’ attention better during presentations and meetings.
  • Communicate with a more confident sounding voice.
  • Make speech sound more natural and more professional.

International professionals in the USA look for accent reduction and pronunciation improvement because …

“To me, it’s not professional if people have to ask me to repeat something.”
“People don’t always understand me. Sometimes people ask me to say something again.”
“I want people to understand me the first time, not the second or third time.”

International in America step up to better communication with Impact accent and pronunciation programs:

“My objective is to sound more professional when I do presentations.”
“When I have meetings and speak on the phone, I want to be sure people easily understand me.”
“I want people to understand me. Sometimes they want me to say something again but don’t tell me.”
“I want to sound more American, and I want to be sure my colleagues understand me.”

Impact accent and pronunciation programs are specialized and individualized. An accent pronunciation program with Impact gets the results you want. Speak with Steve to get started: Contact.

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