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Improve professional communication for meetings, presentations, project updates. Step up to great communication skills with Impact.

Steve is committed to empowering professionals with highly specialized, dynamic, and results driven communication skills coaching and English language training.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Build effective and productive communication skills. Successful communication means successful teams.

Accent Pronunciation

Accent Pronunciation

Make it easier for everyone to understand you at meetings, presentations, conference and phone calls.

Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Improve business writing skills by making written communication more effective and productive.

Online Services

Online Services

Develop remote conference communication skills with the help of English language training online.

“The meetings with you were very helpful and I am constantly implementing the things I learned from you in my work and life. Thanks again for helping me improve my English skills! ”

A.N. Project Manager Cambridge Boston

“Hi Steve, My manager thinks that the results are very good and she encouraged me to continue with your pronunciation and accent course. Thanks. ”

European Scientist

“Hey Steve, Aditya here! A friend complemented me today for my fluency and such slight Indian accent I have now. I am very grateful to you for all the help. I must tell you that improving my accent has really impacted the quality of my life.”

Aditya Pathak, Physicist

“Thanks for the notes! It's a summary that would have taken me years to become fully aware of. I'll keep these tips in mind.”

Corporate Statistical Analyst, Boston, MA

“I want to thank you for the text you sent. It was really good and easy to work with. I appreciate your comments and information on language, grammar, etc. All in all, this is exactly what we were looking for.”

—DESKO GmbH Marketing Contact

“I did my presentation on Wednesday, and it was a huge success. My manager thought there was a huge improvement, and he didn't know where it came from. I will definitely contact you in the future for a refresher.”

—MD, Miami Florida, French speaker

“I also wanted to let you know that my presentation went very, very well and your suggestions were very helpful. Thanks and talk to you next week.”

—Medical Science Business Professional Boston and Florida

“Hi Steve, Thank you once again for this training course. Definitely, it helps a lot. You're very sharp. They (managers) agreed that I had enormous progress when I worked with you.”

—Helen Ha, Neuroscience Physicist, Boston

Steve’s Impact communication programs support business objectives and goals. Steve works with professionals so that they can communicate more effectively during meetings, presentations, online conferences, phone conferences, and phone calls.

Steve works with people in STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and math. Steve also works with people in leadership roles, marketing, supply chain consultants, business analysts, sales, accounting, human resources, and other professions.

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