Speaking Communication Skills Boston

Communication skills coaching adds value to your team and company because employees become more assertive and more proactive communicators.

Assertive communication adds value to the team. Proactive communication adds value to results and outcomes.

Communication skills training adds value to your team and company because it increases communication competence and builds communication confidence. Communication competence adds value to results and outcomes. Individual and group English language training programs for Boston and Greater Boston

“I have meetings (mostly interviews) all week long and this is going to be a good practice. Trying to apply all the tricks I learned from you, and it really helps.” Alex Pavlov Software Engineer and Developer Greater Boston

Communication coaching tells you how.

  • How do you get to the point more quickly? How do you organize and structure information better?
  • How do you make your presentations more effective? How do you project confidence when you speak? 

Communication Situations – Practicing with a communication coach 

  • Project Updates and Team Meetings > Get to the point.  Present information efficiently and effectively.
  • Presentations > Speak with power and impact. > Conference Calls > Take control and direct the call.

Action for successful communication

  • Speak with certainty. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  • Organize information better, and communicate more efficiently. Get to the point.
  • Make eye contact when you speak. Look around the conference table, not down at your notes.
  • Speak up at meetings, and be confident at meetings. Use vocal expression to come across as confident.
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