Initial Consultation and Program Start

Improving communication skills starts with an initial consultation.

1) Initial Consultation – What does improving communication skills mean to you?

> Results and Outcomes: What results and outcomes do you want?
> Why do you want to do this? > How will you recognize progress? > What do you want to accomplish?
> Identify communication objectives and goals. > What are the communication challenges?
> Wrap-up: What’s the next step? Submit a proposal.

2) Evaluate skills, assess communication, and decide on direction for training and coaching.

> Identify communication problems. > Gain understanding and knowledge of communication situations.
> Prioritize objectives and goals. > Get the manager’s take on improving communication skills.
> Reach agreement on the direction to take. Decide what the action plan is.

3) Develop, create, and prepare communication improvement program.

A) Evaluate and assess. B) Define purpose, objectives, and goals. C) Organize and develop. 
> Start the program: Implement communication program action plan.
> Start improving communication skills. > Develop strategy > Optimize action plan.
> Achieve greater communication competence, and communicate with confidence.
> Reach objectives and achieve goals. > Get results. English Program Boston
> Take action. Set up a consultation: Contact

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