Destroy the accent dragon

What can you do to stop the accent dragon from burning your words? What can stop the accent dragon from searing your speech? This is a serious problem. Maybe, you need a dragon slayer. Maybe, you need someone to raise the sword to destroy the accent dragon. Or, maybe, all you need is a way to raise the volume. Raise the volume, and lower the accent. Raise the volume, and destroy the accent dragon.

And it’s obvious – extremely obvious. That’s what part of consulting is: pointing out the obvious. Point out what’s obvious because to some people, it’s not so obvious, that is until you tell them. First, solve the most basic problem or problems, and then move on to the next set of problems. And you have to start with the right strategy.

If you want to destroy the accent dragon, you may not need a sword, but you do need the right strategy. You need to know where to start and how to start. Here’s what I mean.

People don’t understand me all the time.
Why do you suppose that is?
It’s because of my accent.
Are you sure it’s just your accent?
Yes, what else could it be? It has to be my accent.
Really? Does it have to be your accent? Why don’t you talk a little louder?
Yes, I know … … I should do that.
Start with that, and let me know how it goes.
Talk to you next week. Oh, and, by the way, try what I told you about articulation and enunciation. Speak deliberately, clearly, and with definition. Do you remember what I told you about that?
Great, then try that, and try increasing your volume. We can work on a few other things, too, but we have to begin here first: better volume, steady speech, and articulation or enunciation.

We have to work on volume. People will understand you better if you simply speak a little louder and give the sounds and words more definition. Speak with deliberateness. And slow down. Practice articulation and enunciation. Start by producing clearer speech sounds.

It’s obvious: Some people who have an accent reduction problem or a pronunciation problem don’t talk loud enough, they mumble, their speech is unsteady, and they do not sound confident and certain of what they’re saying. For some individuals, these are the places to start. Start at these places, or start nowhere. If you cannot get past low volume and unsteady speech, then the rest of it won’t be of much help. It’s about confidence. To destroy the accent dragon, you need confidence and the right strategy.

Some people just need a steadier voice, a louder voice, and greater confidence to solve, at least, part of their “accent” problem and to begin destroying their accent dragon. So, first, solve the most basic problem or problems, and then move on to the next set of problems. And who knows? Maybe, that’s all some people need to destroy their accent dragon: a steadier voice, a louder voice, and greater confidence. What’s it going to take to destroy your accent dragon?