Communication Skills Coaching and Training Boston

Successful communication supports business objectives and goals. Increase business communication success with Impact programs. Become a more effective, productive, and efficient communicator with Impact communication skills coaching and training.

Corporate Company Communication Skills Programs and English Language Training Boston

Speaking Skills Improve and develop speaking skills for professional communication. Speak confidently and professionally with executive teams, managers, team members, clients, and professional colleagues.

Develop leadership communication for …

  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Project updates
  • Conference calls

Accent Reduction Pronunciation – Speak clearly and confidently. Use techniques that make English speech easy to understand. Develop vocal clarity to effectively send messages. Build communication strength, and use a leadership voice.

Improve pronunciation and accent by developing …

  • Vocal projection, intonation, and volume
  • Natural speech flow – connecting words and sounds
  • Pausing and speed
  • Correct speech sounds

Writing Skills Improve writing for professional purposes. Send your readers messages that help accomplish business objectives. Form better sentences, combine thoughts and ideas more efficiently, and learn how to correct grammar errors.

Make writing better for …

  • Emails
  • Reports
  • Announcements
  • Product information
  • Newsletters

Communication Culture Internationals develop intercultural awareness so that they can use English more skillfully for American business communication.

Internationals working in the USA …

  • Improve interactions with American business colleagues
  • Adjust their communication to connect better with listeners
  • Understand their audience better