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“Steve guided and assisted us with the product text for our new website. Steve rewrote phrases and sentences to make the texts more fluent and easier to understand, and he also corrected grammar, vocabulary usage, and punctuation. Steve explained every change or suggestion he made in detail and was very keen to make sure that we, as non-native speakers, understood why he made these changes. Working with Steve was always very pleasant and easy, and we created a website we can all be proud of.” from Marketing Contact at DESKO GmbH in Germany

“I want to thank you for the text you sent. It was really good and easy to work with. I appreciate your comments and information on language, grammar, etc. All in all, this is exactly what we were looking for.” DESKO GmbH Marketing Contact

Edit Revise Correct Proofread Writing for DESKO GmbH Germany

  1. Challenge: The English text for product pages at DESKO’s website required improvement to be more effective, more efficient, and stronger.
  2. Action: Revise, edit, correct, and proofread product page copy for DESKO’s website. Work cooperatively with DESKO marketing contact, giving full attention to details, in order to achieve a great result that meets DESKO’s approval.
  3. Result: DESKO website visitors learn about DESKO’s excellent product line and, “we created a website we can all be proud of.” from Marketing Contact at DESKO GmbH 

Edit Revise Correct Proofread Writing for DESKO



I revised, reworked, edited, and corrected the copy for the product pages at the DESKO GmbH website.

This work was high priority for DESKO. I worked closely with my marketing contact to ensure that the changes I made to the original copy kept the precise meaning that they wanted. Each line had to be just right for the specific message that DESKO wants to convey to site visitors. We worked cooperatively to produce solid and effective copy for DESKO product pages.

When we finished, I received a thank-you phone call from my DESKO marketing contact in Germany. I enjoyed working with DESKO very much, and I am very pleased to have been able to contribute as I did.

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