Job Interview Skills Boston

Speak confidently and competently. Get the position you want.

“Hi Steve: I got a job in one of the best law firms in MA, the hiring process took one week and in a matter of days, I was working in Boston. I am their new SharePoint Administrator. I want to deeply thank you for all your help and tips to look for a job. Following your instructions made a huge impact in the process of finding a job!” Mirian Mendoza IT Software Professional Boston Area

“Steve, I’ll be very honest with you. I’m very impressed with this résumé.” A. Nikolov

  • Get training and coaching so that you get the work you want, not the work that’s available.
  • Build speaking skills for employment interviews. Speak confidently and competently.
  • Use American English communication skills to reply to difficult questions and speaking prompts.

> Develop and build content for replies to employment job interview questions.
> Tell stories about problems you solved. Tell stories about accomplishments. Tell success stories.
> Talk about how you solved problems or improved quality. Tell how you saved money or saved time.
> Talk about how you generated revenue or increased sales. Say what you did. Tell them the results.

“Thanks, Steve! My résumé looks great! I like the changes. You are a pro.” IT Sales Contact available upon request “

Steve, Thank you so much. I really like your edits and I’ll use this version for my interview. I like how you revised the profile section. Overall, it looks great. Thank you again. I appreciate your help. Best regards, A.N.” A.N. Project Manager Cambridge Boston MA

“Steve, I would like to tell you that the résumé you helped me write really did work and still does, as different companies and recruiters continue to contact me. Thanks to the résumé, I have been contacted by some very interesting companies. To make a long story short, I finally got an offer. But my current company didn’t want to lose me. They found a way to convince me to stay. Taking into account that I do like the job, I decided to accept their offer and stay. But it is so good to know that I have an effective resume. Of course, if I had not received an offer from another company, I would not have received the offer I just accepted from my current company. I’m glad you helped me write this résumé!” Mikhail Ferdman, Engineer