Interviewing Skills Job Search

Develop and build job interview skills and employment search skills. Get the work you want, not the work that is available. An employment, work, or job search is a marketing process. Job Interview Skills Boston

  1. Introduction to Talking About Your Work – An interview is a conversation about you and your experience. Use this outline to practice speaking at a job interview – a work interview or an employment interview.   
  2. Interview Guide for Employment – These are typical questions and speaking prompts that are part of a job interview – a work interview or an employment interview. Practice replying. Tip: Do not memorize your replies.
  3. Job Interview Communication – Your language has to be strong and confident at an employment interview. Don’t speak as if you doubt anything at all about your ability or skills. You’re much better than “pretty good”, aren’t you? Yes, you are.
  4. Five interview tips for internationals in the USA – Relax. Be yourself. Speak up. Be confident. Promote yourself.  And don’t think about your ability to speak English. Focus your energy on communicating. Don’t be concerned with minor grammar errors.
  5. How to succeed at an employment interview  – Here are some suggestions for doing well at an interview. Increase your chances of getting the position that you want, not the position that’s available.  
  6. Interview Tips for International Executives – This not just for executives. This is for anyone and everybody. Use a strong and optimistic voice, and speak with absolute confidence and certainty.
  7. Résumé Writing – Here’s a guide to help you decide what to put on your résumé. It’s just a guide. The purpose of a résumé  is to make someone want to call you for an interview.
  8. Cover Letter Writing Workshop – Here’s some information to help you get started writing cover letters. And that’s cover letters, not just one cover letter. You’ll need to adjust your cover letter for each position you apply to. This means more than one cover letter.
  9.  Cover Letter Guide  – This is a cover letter guide. It’s just a guide. The purpose of a cover letter is to make someone want to read your résumé.