Improve the presentation of your improvement

Presenting a new system plan or improvement

1) Greet the people. Say hi everyone, hello everyone, good morning, or good afternoon.

It’s easy to overlook stating your name, telling people what you do, and what department you’re in. However, remember that there might be people in attendance who do not know you. Or, maybe, some people know of you but have never met you before or have never heard you speak before.

2) Here’s something to say: For those of you who don’t know me, my name is _____ Or say I’m _____

3) Next, say what your title or position is: say what you do.

I’m a _____ I _____

If what you do does not automatically tell people the department you’re in, tell everyone what department you’re in.

And I’m in _____ I work in _____ Does it need an article? I’m in the _____ I work in the _____

4) Thank everyone for attending.

I would like to thank everyone for being here. I want to thank all of you for taking time out of your day to be here.

5) State the topic.

So let’s get started. I’m going to tell you about _____ Today, I’m going to present _____ I’m going to talk about _____

As you go through your presentation, remember to tell everyone why the new system, plan, or improvement is good. Present your information with some enthusiasm. With your presentation, you are asking or telling people to accept something new. This could affect their daily work either directly or indirectly.

You could have the greatest new system, plan, or improvement in the world. But if you don’t come across as though you really believe in it yourself, then your audience might not be entirely convinced of how great it is. It could be that it’s a forgone conclusion that everyone is going to use your new system, plan, or improved method. Still, people have to be onboard with you. It’s your enthusiasm and the tone of sincerity that accompany the information you present that’s going to make everyone believe in what you’re saying. And this does not have anything to do with believing you. This has to do with really believing in what you’re saying. Of course, everyone will believe you, but if you come across as halfhearted, dull, and dry they might not be entirely convinced even if senior management has already told them that everyone is now going to use your new system, plan, or improvement.

It could be that you are simply announcing what is going to take place, but you still have to be effective in how you present your information. After all, do you want people to walk away from the presentation with just the news of what’s going to happen next? That could be good enough, but good enough is never good enough. Think about it. There could be senior management in attendance or there could be managers from other departments. When you speak, your voice should be energetic and enthusiastic. Here’s how it is: This is your work. It’s your design. You created it. Isn’t it great? Of course, it’s great! Let everyone know how great your work is by how you present it.

As you continue through your presentation, promote your new system, plan, or improvement even if senior management has already decided that this is what they are going to do. And if no one has decided yet, then that’s all the more reason to promote your new system, plan, or improvement. No one else can promote your work the way you can. So if you’re not used to doing this sort of self-promotion, it’s a good idea to start practicing.

Sometimes it comes down to selling yourself. Make it so that all your colleagues come away from your presentation with a good feeling about the new system, plan, or improvements that your managers decided to implement.

Suggestion: Consider how you’re going to start your presentation. Start with the biggest and most important information.

  • What is the main purpose of the new system, plan, or improvement?
  • What is the most important reason for this change, addition, or new method?

Presentation Improvement Sentence Starters

Here are some sentence starters to use as a guide when you talk about your new system, addition, or new way of doing something. These sentence starters can help you talk about why something is good or better than what is in place now. These are just suggestions, and only some of them could apply to your presentation. You are now tasked with thinking of more ways to start talking about how your new system, addition, or new way of doing something is going to benefit everyone. For now, here are some ideas to get started.

There’s just one more item on the agenda before we get to the list of sentence starters. Here are some key words you could use when you present and promote your new system, plan, or improvement: more effective, more efficient, faster, better, easier to, less time, the benefit.

  • This will reduce _____
  • This helps reduce the _____ workload.
  • This saves time _____ and makes it easier to _____
  • I’ve added some additional _____
  • The main advantage of this _____
  • This is better because _____
  • The benefit of this is _____
  • The great thing about this is _____
  • This makes it so that _____
  • It’s easier to work with _____
  • It’s very easy to work _____
  • It’s a very efficient _____
  • This is a more efficient and effective _____
  • This makes the system more efficient _____
  • It’ll be easier for the user to _____
  • Users will be able to _____
  • The main benefit of ____
  • With these improvements, it will be better because _____
  • It’ll now be easier to _____
  • This improvement means that _____
  • This is going to be a more flexible way to _____
  • This is going to be a more flexible way of _____
  • This is going to make it easier to _____
  • This adds more flexibility to _____
  • The new _____ will cut down on labor hours
  • This is going to reduce our cost for _____
  • Run times will be considerably shorter with the new _____