Your résumé is the road to job interviews

Your résumé is your road to job interviews. Are you on the road to job interviews? Get on the road by making every phrase on your résumé count for something. Do not include things like “hardworking” or “dependable” as qualities, characteristics, or traits on a résumé. This may seem obvious, but, believe or not, I’ve come across words like this on résumés. Of course, words like that cannot be on a résumé. When you use descriptive words and phrases on your résumé, don’t include anything that’s expected of you in the first place. Everyone is expected to be hardworking and dependable, and there’s no need to say that you are. So consider carefully what qualities, characteristics, or traits you should include on your résumé. Think about who you are. What do you want to say about yourself?

Include an objective if you can line it up with the company’s objective. Don’t include an objective if all you’re doing  is telling an employer that you want a position working in field X or doing X. This type of objective is entirely redundant, and if that’s all you have to say for your objective, then do not include an objective.

What does your résumé tell an employer?

First: Your résumé tells an employer that you’re an excellent match for the position and an excellent match for the company.

Second: Your résumé tells an employer what you’re going to do if you are hired. This is based on what you did, what you have done, what you can do,  and what you’re going to do.

Third: Your résumé tells employers why a company should hire you. Your résumé has to tell an employer what sets you apart from the other applicants. What makes you the individual that is best suited for the position?