Manager’s tone of voice follow-up

Although tone has to do with how our voices sound, the words themselves can sometimes have a tone.  In this way, the words that you choose combine with your tone of voice to affect how you come across when you are speaking. So, again, how we say something is just as important as what we say.

Practice developing tone of voice to improve and make your English communication more efffective. Also, when you speak, consider that the words themselves have a tone.

Context tells us more about the words we choose. These sentences are not presented in context, but the alternatives carry a more positive tone and are less likely to be taken in a negative way. Tone of voice is important, but the tone of one’s words are, also, important.

1) Maybe I didn’t explain myself correctly.


Do you want me to explain that again?
I can explain that again if you want.
Would you like me to go over this again?

2) I didn’t hear that.


Can you say that again, please?
I didn’t hear what you said.

3) What do you mean?


Can you tell me what you mean by that?
Could you explain that a little more please?

4) Did you hear me?


Do you know what I mean?
So you know what I mean. Right?
It seems that you’re not sure of what I said. Are you sure you got that?

5) Have I made myself clear?


Do you understand what I mean?
Do you know what I mean?
So you know what I’m saying. Right?