What do Steve’s clients say?


“Hi Steve, I am just back from a business trip to DC. I had a presentation at the WB on Tuesday, and it went well. I felt more comfortable presenting in English compared to a few month ago. Thanks again for this course. It definitely provided me with a higher degree of confidence to speak to audiences! All the best,” Marion C.

“I worked with Steve to improve my business communication and I have definitely improved. I feel more confident in meetings and presentations. He employs the right tools to bring maximum benefit. Steve is candid with feedback and pinpoints the areas I need to work on. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Steve to anyone who wants to improve business English skills.” Siva Architect Technology Greater Boston

“I wanted to let you know that my presentation went very very well and your suggestions were very helpful. Thanks and talk to you next week.” Medical Science Business Professional Boston and Florida

“The presentation at the tradeshow went extremely well and I got great feedback from my colleagues and customers.” Akira Mochimaru Ph.D., General Manager Professional Systems Division, Bose Speaker Company, in reference to accent pronunciation training

Accent and Pronunciation 

“Hi Steve, I want to thank you for your accent pronunciation sessions. Now I notice that people do not interrupt me so much to ask me what I said. And since our last session, I have had the feeling that I have already improved a lot.” Mirian Mendoza IT Software Professional LMS Learning Management Systems Boston Area

“I pronounce the TH sound without even trying. It’s great to be able to do that.” “When the secretary asked me to spell my name and I had to say the letter H, she didn’t ask me to say it again, and I felt very happy about that.” Niranjan Thiruvur Medical Science Researcher Boston

“Thanks Steve! This is very helpful! Thank you very much for your comments. The recommendations make sense. I appreciate your help and the accent and pronunciation training has been very helpful for me. I am sure I will be in touch as questions will come up. See you at the next meeting.” Medical Student and Researcher

Leadership Communication 

“Hi Steve, I’m working with an American sales team and they appreciate my work, so I consider this a personal achievement. Part of my success is because of you, so thank you!

I’ve learned a lot, and my English has improved. I know there’s a difference. You’re very professional and knowledgeable, and I’m glad that I found you.”

“Steve was able to pinpoint the areas I need to work on and build a program specifically for my needs. I’m very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Steve to anyone who wants to improve their English for business.”

Amir Gabrieli, VP Solutions Engineering at Correlsense USA, IT Sales