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Vocal Charisma Vocal Presentation 4 Big Points

What is vocal charisma? How can I be more charismatic? There’s no one right way to be charismatic. This is what you should do: Use a wide pitch range. Practice using the lower end and higher end of your voice. Use variations in pitch as you speak: manipulate your vocal range. Use pausing for effect and emphasis. Use variations

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Improve the presentation of your improvement

Presenting a new system plan or improvement 1) Greet the people. Say hi everyone, hello everyone, good morning, or good afternoon. It’s easy to overlook stating your name, telling people what you do, and what department you’re in. However, remember that there might be people in attendance who do not know you. Or, maybe, some people know of you

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Great Valuable Words

Great value in the written word I want to share some great and valuable words on how to begin improving writing skills. Note that the operative word here is “begin”. This is about beginning to improve writing skills. By no means is it the whole story. Sometimes people think that improving writing skills starts with an investment, and that calls

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What should we call it?

People don’t always understand me. I have to repeat myself. We want it to be easier to understand what this person says. This person’s speech is not clear. We can’t always understand what this person says. So what is there to do? Find a way to improve. Improving means solving a problem. Let’s start with recognizing that this is, in

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